About Kannan Borewells


Our Company, Kannan Borewell, is a family run business which has now been established for over 35 years. The company was founded by Mr. N.K.Kumar in the year 1971 pillared by his son's Mr.N.K.Sukumar who started the establishment in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. We are having the second generation business in borewell drilling in Bangalore.

We are providing clients with a complete unique service - from consultation to completion of project, all work is undertaken in-house therefore we can provide a very reasonable price. We also offer drilling services on a contracted basis.

We have invested in state-of the-art machinery, we have an impressive fleet of rigs, plant, vehicles and specialist equipment. We have vast experience, flexibility, expertise, highly skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment our company has gained an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and specialized drilling services.

In Bangalore there are more than 100 drill rig contractors but only a few have their own drill rig. Our's is one such establishment which has maintained the quality and providing long lasting service since 1971 in Bangalore over these four decades of experience the establishment is backed by the "personal" benefits which is unheard of in the drilling industry.

Kannan borewells is advancing the environmental and utility industries. Founded in the year 1971, implementing remediation technologies with tube wells. We are steerable and trenchless method of installing utilities and tube wells. This established and proven method avoids costly trenching and site restoration; avoids disrupting businesses and operations; and, avoids impacts on pedestrians and vehicular traffic congestion. Kannan Borewells has installed 1,000s of wells beneath buildings, active facilities, railroads, highways, airports, wetlands as well as other sensitive areas and infrastructure.

The HI-POWER AUTOLOADER SENSOR RIG is equipped with the world's best compressors INGERSOLL RAND and ATLAS COPCO and PHE who is India's No.1 leading Hydraulic RIG Manufacturer and exporter. The advantage of PHE Mounting is that the RIG can drill up to a maximum depth in critical formation.

The HI-POWER AUTOLOADER SENSOR RIG which is mounted on the ASHOK LEYLAND TAURUS 2523 special Chassis mounted by PHE Hydraulics the Mounted Rig is powered by the Taurus engine which works on a method of Rotation with direct injection, nucleus destruction with bleeding by water or air. The Advantage of AUTO-LOADER Sensor Rig is that the drill rod's are changed Automatically with the help of sensor thus reducing the time and reduces the burden on labor’s the heavy duty channel structure mast help's in drilling up to a maximum depth even in critical formation condition which gives a Good Alignment with 0.0 Mast level (perfectly 90degree)

Latest addition of robo spider in our fleet of rigs as made our company more challenging as it can be drilled in congested areas also